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Discover the Power of DRY®

After discovering that their 15 month old son Jett had a very high fever, celebrity couple John Travolta and Kelly Preston rushed him to the hospital where doctors told Kelly and her husband that their son had contracted Kawasaki Disease.

Later while filling out a questionnaire about family habits and activities, Travolta and Preston were shocked to find that having their carpets shampooed earlier that week may have been the cause of Jett’s bout with the disease.  Luckily in this case, Jett was treated early on and suffered no permanent organ damage.

Though rare in the United States, Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease among children and though no official link between carpet cleaning shampoos and the sickness has been identified a strong correlation seems to exist. “Until then I thought cleaning the carpets religiously was the healthy thing to do for my kids.” Preston said.

In truth of fact, keeping a clean house has always been one of the best ways to keep germs and sickness away.  But with growing concerns over mold and the chemicals in wet carpet shampoos, more people are worrying about the safety and integrity of traditional “wet” or steam shampoo methods of cleaning. Which begs the question, how then are we supposed clean our carpets?

1-800 DRYCARPET, a company based in Orange County, claims to have the solution. Using an organic powder and a high powered vacuum the folks at 1-800 DRYCARPET are able to clean carpets without the use of water, which can soak into padding and cause mold.

“At 1-800 DRYCARPET we have championed the vacuuming step” Says Founder and President Greg Cantrell, “rather than adding hot water pressure, our pre-moistened Swedry granules grab any stubborn spots or stains without leaving your carpet soaking wet.”

In addition to the convenience of “zero down time” after cleaning, 1-800- DRYCARPET services have the added value of eliminating any environmental or health concerns.

For Cantrell and the folks and 1-800 DRYCARPET, the answer to the question of how to clean your carpets without risking your health is easy: “Discover the Power of DRY.”

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