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dry carpet advantages

1. DRY ORGANIC™ Carpet Cleaning:
As a company 1-800 DRYCARPET Systems, Inc., is one of four companies in the world that both manufactures and uses a DRY ORGANIC™ product for the cleaning of carpet. We own the Swedry® DRY ORGANIC™ formula and only make it available to franchise owners. This gives you, our franchisee, a unique advantage over your local competition and a niche in your market that none of your competitors have.

1-800 DRYCARPET clearly offers our franchisees the largest protected territories compared to other franchise systems. Our goal is not to come in with a low ball franchise fee and a small territory, just to force you into having to buy 3 to 4 territories to get it right. Not only does 1-800 DRYCARPET want to furnish you with superior tools to gain the advantage against the competition but we also provide large enough protected territory to allow their investment to flourish financially and gain equity when/if the times comes to sell your franchised business.

1-800 DRYCARPET has been at the cutting edge of technology since 1999 and recognizes how important it is to stay ahead of the competition. As a 1-800 DRYCARPET Franchise Partner, you will be able to take advantage of our EGR (Enhanced Geographical Routing) telephone system (1-800 DRYCARPET rings directly to your business line and/or cell phone). You will also have access our world class and state-of-the-art Internet Based Software Program (which includes the ability to process customer credit cards) in efficiently operating your business. In addition, our #1 ranked website drycarpet.com will be promoting you locally thereby making your business a part of our 15 year old brand. Please see page 4 for more details.

4. 1-800 DRYCARPET:
It’s all in the name and our customers easily remember our name. 1-800 DRYCARPET is a brand that will only grow. I invite you to learn about our unique company, cutting edge business system, explosive green service sector, great Franchise Program and an opportunity to take control of your own financial future – this is 1-800 DRYCARPET®.

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  Step 1: View/Download Brochure and Watch Video [ Immediately ]
*First Name:   Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise Brochure Thumb
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Carpet Cleaning Franchise

Internet Software

1-800 DRYCARPET Internet Software systematically governs all administrative systems for the company, enables customers to schedule online and supports company Franchise Ownersand their Employees. We've been web based since 1999.  

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Support, Technology
, Brands

1. EGR (Enhanced Geographical Routing) toll-free routing: 1-800 DRYCARPET rings to your business phone based on your controlled/owned area(s) zip codes.

2. Access to our DRY ORGANIC
Product and Equipment

3. drycarpet.com site page

4. Internet Software:

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Greg Cantrell.  Founder/President/CEO 
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Powerful Systems Build Equity Faster, Smarter, Greener...

For many people, owning and operating their own business is a lifelong dream. It was this ambition that led to the creation of 1-800 DRYCARPET® more than 10 years ago. 

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Stay DRY & Green,

Greg Cantrell, Founder/President/CEO
of 1-800-DRYCARPET Systems, Inc.
(888) 379-2277 x2

Powerful Turnkey Systems 1-800 DRYCARPET® Franchise Video

Not What but How: 1-800 DRYCARPET has less to do with what's done in a business and more to do with how it's done. We consider a business as if it were a product, sitting on a shelf and competing for the customer's attention against a whole shelf of competing products (or businesses). The commodity isn't important, but how it's delivered is.  

Turnkey Systems: We're a systems-dependent franchise organization rather than a manual person-dependent "job". While it is true that potential service technicians must go through our rigorous training program, 1-800 DRYCARPET Carpet Cleaning can be operated by people with the lowest possible skill level. Our admin systems have been web based since 1999.

Innovation: Our customers enjoy the value and convenience of using their property immediately after service.



1-800 DRYCARPET® Systems, Inc. 
3419 Via Lido #650
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Franchise Information: (888) 379-2277
International: (+01) 714-888-4207
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Questions?: 1-888-379-2277 x1

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