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0:30 Television Commercial - KRON Channel 4 San Francisco, CA  
San Francisco, CA., June 7, 2008 -- Bay Area Franchise Owners Robert & Ikesha Segura Push The Power of DRY
® Utilizing Television. All rights reserved ©2008 1-800 DRYCARPET® Systems, Inc. 1-800-DRYCARPET® DRY ORGANIC™ Service Video 0:30

Taking GREEN to a New Level - KRON Channel 4 San Francisco, CA  
San Francisco
, CA., April 11, 2008 -- Morning News Interview with Bay Area Franchise Owner Ikesha Segura with Founder/President Greg Cantrell
KRON Channel 4 Video Interview
KRON Channel 4 San Francisco Morning News  drycarpet

HOME SHOW 리모델링 계획 있다면 꼭! - The Korea Times, Los Angeles, CA  
Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA., March 4, 2008 --
오개닉 카펫 클리닝 시스템, 드라이 카펫 (DRYCARPET). 인터넷 미주 한국일보 - 21세기 정보화시대를 선도하는 정상의 신문
The Korea Times | 인터넷 미주 한국일보 - 21세기 정보화시대를 선도하는 정상의 신문 The Korea Times  drycarpet

Carpet Business Cleans Without Dampness - The Wichita Eagle Wichita, KS  
Wichita, KS., April 22, 2007 --
When Todd Devereaux was looking for a business opportunity, he was just hoping to get his feet wet as an entrepreneur. Instead, he found a small business that allowed him and his customers to keep their feet dry.
DRYCARPET™ Press Archive 070100 Wichita Eagle Wichita, KS., April 22, 2007 Wichita Eagle 

DRYNEWS Newsletter July 2006 - 1-800 DRYCARPET Santa Ana, CA  
SANTA ANA, CALIF., July 22, 2006 --1-800 DRYCARPET Systems, Inc delivers its first quarterly Newsletter to its franchisees and vendors. This issue of DRYNEWS
features an interactive link to a recent 30 minute radio interview with the company's founder and president.
July 2006 DRYNEWS™ Newsletter ~ ©1-800 DRYCARPET Systems, Inc. 2006 DRYNEWS™ Newsletter ~ July 2006

Radio Interview - Salem Communications Los Angeles, CA  
BURBANK, CALIF., July 20, 2006 --Radio interview with company founder and president regarding the dry organic category and franchise distribution.  
25 Minute Radio Interview 1-800 DRYCARPET® 25 Minute Radio Interview

List of Orange County franchisors - Orange County Register  
SANTA ANA, CALIF., June 25, 2006 --Twenty-nine companies based in Orange County sell franchises. This list includes contact information, type of business, number of franchises, initial franchise fee and total investment to open a unit.
Orange County Register

Meet The People - Orange County Register - The Wave Huntington Beach, CA Meet The People - Orange County Register - The Wave Huntington Beach
SANTA ANA, CALIF., February 16, 2006 --Greg Cantrell president and CEO of 1-800 DRYCARPET was raised here in Huntington Beach and attended Edison High School. One of Greg's early businesses was a janitorial service that catered to specialty retailers at South Coast Plaza.

1-800 DRYCARPET, Giving Carpet Cleaning an 'Extreme Makeover'
SANTA ANA, CALIF., May 19, 2005 --
Professional carpet cleaning companies have suffered a negative public image and have struggled under recent claims that damp carpets can create mold and mildew which contribute to asthma and other environmental illnesses. Under such acute criticism, one carpet cleaning company decided it was time to put a new face on an old industry. drycarpet

California Lifestyle, American Opportunity
SANTA ANA, CALIF., April 20, 2005 --
In a day and age where stereotypes and generalizations about immigrants pervade our society, its refreshing to hear stories like Daniel’s, that reflect the American ideal, rewarding hard work and building a life and family from scratch. drycarpet 

Living The American Dream
SANTA ANA, CALIF., March 2, 2005 --
Sometimes the stories of immigrants that make the greatest impact are the ones closest to our lives. Gabriel Grozav, a Romanian immigrant living in Riverside, CA and making waves as an up and coming entrepreneur, is one such story. drycarpet 

1-800 DRYCARPET Receives Federal Approval to Launch Franchise Operations
SANTA ANA, CALIF., February 12, 2005 --
1-800 DRYCARPET Systems, Inc. announces today its approval for Franchise license, by the Federal Trade Commission. The company is 1 of 4,500 franchisors in the US and 1 of 29 based in Orange County, CA. The company uses a proprietary dry, organic product to clean carpet and has been providing its unique service since 1992.
drycarpet  PRWeb    

Discover The Power of DRY
SANTA ANA, CALIF., February 8, 2005 --
After discovering that their 15 month old son Jett had a very high fever, celebrity couple John Travolta and Kelly Preston rushed him to the hospital where doctors told Kelly and her husband that their son had contracted Kawasaki Disease. drycarpet

Unique Business Opportunity to Returning Soldiers
SANTA ANA, CALIF., January 27, 2005 -- 1-800 DRYCARPET, a franchise company providing an innovative dry carpet cleaning system, has announced a partnership with the VET-FRAN Program to offer veterans a discounted payment schedule for purchasing a 1-800 DRYCARPET franchise. drycarpet 
drycarpet vet fran program

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