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4/20/2005, Santa Ana, CA
Daniel Guardado, Franchise Owner
California Lifestyle, American Opportunity

At the tender age of eight Daniel Guardado's life was forever altered when his Father and Grandfather were murdered during the civil war in El Salvador. Daniel was forced to give up his childhood and go to work to help support his family. At age 15 he began saving extra money for his immigration to America, not because he wanted to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, but because he knew he would be able to make a higher wage and provide for his family, so he could get a job in the United States and send the money home to El Salvador. By the time he was 20 he had saved a little over half the cost of his travel and his uncle who was already in America sent him the remaining portion.

After a long and grueling trek, Daniel arrived in Santa Ana California. He lived with his uncle and 11 other people in a small one bedroom apartment. After a few days he came across an Ad for American Preferred Inc., a janitorial service company, and was hired on the spot. He worked hard and was promoted to manager a few short years later. Daniel also enrolled in ESL classes, determined to gain the language skills that would allow him to move ahead, whatever business venture he pursued.

About a year into Daniel's career with America's Preferred Inc., President and CEO Greg Cantrell started a subsidiary carpet cleaning company called 1-800 DRYCARPET, and invited Daniel to be one of its first Authorized Agents. Following the unprecedented popularity of 1-800 DRYCARPET, Daniel found himself with so much business that he needed to hire two Assistants just to service all the requests he was receiving daily.

At some point during the ten years since his immigration, Daniel decided that his lifestyle and the opportunities in America were far beyond what he could hope for and he decided he would not return to El Salvador. He helped his sister make her way to California, he met and married his wife and they now have a baby daughter and have purchased a beautiful home in Santa Ana.

Daniel’s work ethic and professional integrity has continued to provide him with greater opportunities along the way. 1-800 DRYCARPET has, since he was hired, transitioned into a franchised company and offered Daniel four premiere franchise areas located in Orange County, CA.

In a day and age where stereotypes and generalizations about immigrants pervade our society, its refreshing to hear stories like Daniel’s, that reflect the American ideal, rewarding hard work and building a life and family from scratch.

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