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SANTA ANA, CALIF., February 16, 2006 --
Greg Cantrell president and CEO of 1-800 DRYCARPET was raised here in Huntington Beach and attended Edison High School.

One of Greg’s early businesses was a janitorial service that catered to specialty retailers at South Coast Plaza. An executive at Gucci, one of his janitorial clients, wanted to know why carpet stains came back days after they cleaned their carpet. To help solve this problem, Greg hired Dr. Don Atkins, a chemist, to research this phenomenon. His conclusions were that spots don’t reappear; carpet cleaners leave soap and water in the carpet. It’s this leftover residue that attracts stains to same spot over and over again.

Prior to this time carpet manufacturers actually produced the majority of carpet cleaners. This system of carpet cleaning utilized steam and water. Hot water flushed through carpet makes it wear out faster, guaranteeing return customers for carpet companies. Dr. Atkins concluded that not only was this an ineffective way to clean carpet, it was unfair to consumers.

The result of Dr. Atkins research was SWEDRY, a 98% organic cleaner. Although it uses water in the medium, it is controlled. After testing the formula for about 5 years, Greg’s company started cleaning his customer’s carpets with physical contact not water pressure. The happiness of his commercial clients let Greg to develop a residential division of his carpet cleaning business and called it 1-800 DRYCARPET.

The 1-800 DRYCARPET method is a system that intelligently controls the amount of water that is used in the process. The cleaning product is applied in a unique way and leaves carpets dry and ready to use immediately. It doesn’t leave sticky dirt in the carpet to attract new stains. Because there is no moisture left in the carpet, allergens are less likely to take up residence there. This means fewer allergy problems for your family. Steam cleaning can force water into the carpet padding. These high levels of humidity in your carpet can stimulate the growth of bacteria and mold; resulting in conditions that are hazardous to your health.

The 1-800 DRYCARPET cleaning method is similar to using a damp sponge to clean a counter surface. By using just the right amount of moisture instead of saturating the carpet, you’re left with a clean, dry carpet. By increasing the amount of cleaner where needed instead of using excess moisture, this process is more effective at preventing the return of stains and dirt than old-fashioned carpet cleaning methods.

Why should you call 1-800 DRYCARPET for your carpet cleaning needs? The first reason is the convenience. The 24-hour a day call center makes it easy to reach this company for more information or to schedule a cleaning. The second reason is for the health of your family. This type of dry, organic carpet cleaning will prevent conditions that are unhealthy. Lastly, your carpet will last longer, saving you the expense of replacing carpet that has been worn out with other forms of cleaning.

For more information you can access their web page at The site is easy to use and highly informative.


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